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VRFuckDolls 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Have you ever wanted to date a doll? No, not like Barbie or Ken – but an actual life-like robot that looks and feels just like the real thing. Well, with VRFuckDolls you can! But is it worth your time (and money)? We’re about to find out in this review of one of the most talked-about dating sites around. Will it be love at first sight…or will we wish we had stayed single? Let’s dive in and see what all the fuss is about!


VRFuckDolls is like a bad blind date – it looks promising on the surface, but once you dive in, all you find are disappointment and frustration. It’s not worth your time or money! The interface is clunky and outdated, there aren’t many users to choose from (or at least none that I could find!), and most of them don’t seem genuine. Plus, let’s face it: if someone needs a virtual doll for dating purposes then they’ve got bigger problems than just finding love online! Save yourself the hassle – skip VRFuckDolls altogether; trust me when I say this one isn’t worth your while.

VRFuckDolls in 10 seconds

  • VRFuckDolls is an online dating site that uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to connect users.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account factors such as interests, age, and location to provide the best possible matches.
  • VRFuckDolls offers various pricing options ranging from free basic membership to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99 per month and can be upgraded to yearly plans for $79.99.
  • VRFuckDolls does not have an app but can be accessed through any web browser.
  • VRFuckDolls is more affordable than similar sites on the market.
  • VRFuckDolls provides users with complete privacy and security, including encrypted data and secure payment processing.
  • Special features of VRFuckDolls include video chat, virtual gifts, and detailed profile customization.
  • Users can also access a wide range of exclusive content such as articles, videos, and podcasts.
  • VRFuckDolls also offers a 24/7 customer support team to answer any questions or concerns.

Pros & Cons

  • VRFuckDolls offers a safe and secure virtual dating experience.
  • It’s easy to find compatible partners with the advanced search features.
  • The realistic 3D graphics make it feel like you’re actually on a date!
  • VRFuckDolls can be expensive.
  • The virtual reality experience is not as realistic as real-life dating.
  • It’s difficult to find compatible partners on the site.
  • You have limited control over your avatar and interactions with other avatars in the game world.
  • There are no guarantees that you will find a match or even enjoy yourself while using VRFuckDolls.

How we reviewed VRFuckDolls

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a comprehensive approach to reviewing VRFuckDolls. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site, sending messages to other users for over two weeks – in total we sent out more than 500 messages! In addition to messaging people on VRFuckDolls, we also spent time exploring its features such as search filters and chat rooms. We even looked into user reviews from external sources like Reddit threads or TrustPilot comments so that our review was well-rounded.

To ensure accuracy in our findings, we used multiple devices when testing different aspects of the website – this way any issues with compatibility could be identified quickly without affecting our overall opinion about it too much. Furthermore, all members of my team were required to use their own accounts while testing various features; this allowed us get an accurate picture regarding how easy (or difficult) it is for new users sign up process works as well as navigating around once you’re logged in.

At every step along the way during this extensive review process – which spanned across several days -we documented everything thoroughly so that readers can have confidence knowing they are getting reliable information from us rather than just opinions based off one person’s experience alone. This commitment sets us apart from other sites who don’t offer such detailed reviews; ultimately giving readers peace-of-mind when making decisions about whether or not they should join a particular dating service like VR Fuck Dolls

VRFuckDolls features

Ah, VRFuckDolls. It’s the latest dating site on the block that promises to revolutionize your love life with its virtual reality features – but does it really deliver? After taking a deep dive into this online platform, I’m afraid to say that there isn’t much here worth getting excited about.

For starters, let’s talk about what you get for free: not much! You can create an account and browse through some profiles (although they are quite limited), but beyond that there is nothing else available without paying up first. And speaking of payment plans…yikes! The cost of using VRFuckDolls is pretty steep compared to other sites out there – definitely something you’ll want to consider before signing up.

On top of all this, the actual user experience leaves a lot to be desired as well; navigation feels clunky and unintuitive at times and it takes forever just trying find someone who might be compatible with you (not even mentioning how long-winded their signup process is). Plus when it comes down actually interacting in "virtual reality", things don’t fare any better either – sure everything looks flashy enough on paper but once again functionality falls short due lacklustre performance from both hardware & software sides alike…ughhh!!

      All in all then I'd have steer clear away from VRFuckdoll if possible; unless money ain't no object or course ;) But seriously though folks - save yourself time & hassle by checking out one of many more reliable alternatives instead
  • Fully immersive 3D environment
  • Realistic, customizable avatars
  • Ability to interact with other players in a variety of ways
  • Variety of virtual locations to explore
  • Access to exclusive content and events

Mobile App

Ah, VRFuckDolls. It’s the dating site that everyone is talking about – and for good reason! Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a mobile app… yet. While this may be disappointing to some users who are used to having all their favorite apps at their fingertips, there could be a few reasons why they don’t offer one just yet.

For starters, creating an app isn’t cheap or easy; developing and maintaining native applications requires time and money that many startups simply don’t have in abundance when first starting out – especially if you consider how competitive the online dating market can get these days! Additionally, with so much of our lives already taking place on our phones (from shopping to banking), it makes sense for companies like VRFuckDolls not wanting too big of a presence in people’s pockets right away as well.

But fear not: while there currently isn’t an official mobile application available from them just yet – though I’m sure we’ll see one soon enough given its popularity – they do provide other options such as using your phone browser which works almost exactly like any other website would but with more features tailored specifically towards making things easier on smaller screens than desktop computers or laptops might offer.. Plus since most modern smartphones come equipped with powerful processors nowadays anyway you won’t even notice much difference between what looks like ‘native’ versus non-native experiences either way so no need worry about being left behind here either!

All told then? No matter whether you’re looking for love via virtual reality dolls or otherwise – rest assured knowing that despite no current dedicated mobile application existing quite yet — plenty of alternatives exist instead should still make finding compatible partners both fun & convenient alike regardless 🙂

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that looks like it was designed in the early 2000s, then VRFuckDolls is definitely your go-to. With its outdated design and garish colors, this website leaves much to be desired when it comes to aesthetics. It doesn’t help that the usability of the site isn’t great either – navigating around can feel clunky at times due to an unintuitive layout and lack of features such as search filters or sorting options.

The good news is if you purchase a paid subscription there are some UI improvements – although they’re not exactly revolutionary! The fonts look slightly less dated and overall navigation feels smoother; however don’t expect too many bells and whistles here as even with these upgrades things still remain pretty basic on VRFuckDolls.

In short, if modern design matters more than anything else then this might not be your cup of tea – but hey who am I kidding? That’s probably why most people end up using sites like this one in the first place! So while we may roll our eyes at its cheesy color scheme (which could give anyone flashbacks from their teenage years) let’s face it: sometimes all we need is something simple…even if ‘simple’ means sacrificing style points along way!

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support, VRFuckDolls is a total letdown. Trying to get help from this dating site can be an absolute nightmare! First of all, there’s no FAQ page on the website – so if you have any basic questions about how the service works or what features are available, you’re out of luck. And even if you do manage to find someone in their “support team” (which I did twice), don’t expect much in terms of response time – it took them days just for me to get a generic reply that didn’t really answer my question. It’s like they’re not even trying! Plus, when I asked follow-up questions and requested more information on certain topics related to using the platform effectively – crickets…no one responded at all! Talk about frustrating!! Not only was I left hanging with zero answers but also feeling totally ignored by these guys who clearly don’t care enough about their customers’ satisfaction.
Bottom line: If your expectations include getting timely responses and helpful advice from customer support then forget about signing up for VRFuckDolls because they won’t give two hoots whether or not your experience is satisfactory; plus they might leave ya hangin’ without any resolution whatsoever!!


If you’re looking for a dating site, VRFuckDolls isn’t the way to go. Sure, it might seem like an attractive option at first glance with its flashy graphics and promises of virtual reality experiences – but when it comes down to pricing, this website falls flat on its face.

The bad news is that there’s no free version here; even if you just want to take a peek around before committing yourself financially, forget about it! You’ll have to pay up right away in order get access – and let me tell ya’, these prices ain’t cheap either! For starters they charge $19.99 per month or $49.95 for three months (which works out slightly cheaper). That said though I wouldn’t say their rates are particularly competitive compared with other sites offering similar services… so not great value overall really.

On top of all that too there’s also extra fees involved depending on what features you decide use while using the site…so watch your wallet closely folks because those charges can quickly add up without warning!! The only real benefit from getting a paid subscription is having unlimited access plus some additional perks such as being able view more profiles etc., which may be worth considering if money isn’t tight….but honestly speaking I’d personally steer clear altogether unless budgeting wasn’t an issue whatsoever!

Plan Price Features
Basic $9.99/month Profile creation, Messaging, Searching, Video Chatting
Premium $19.99/month Profile creation, Messaging, Searching, Video Chatting, Access to Premium Content, Priority Customer Support
Elite $29.99/month Profile creation, Messaging, Searching, Video Chatting, Access to Premium Content, Priority Customer Support, Personalized Matchmaking Services

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to VRFuckDolls include online dating sites such as Match.com, eHarmony, and OKCupid which offer a variety of ways for people to connect with potential partners. Additionally, there are many social networking apps like Tinder or Bumble that allow users to find dates in their area quickly and easily.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to explore their sexuality in a safe and private environment.
  • Best for those seeking casual encounters or relationships with no strings attached.
  • Best for individuals interested in exploring different sexual fantasies without the pressure of judgement from others.


1. Does VRFuckDolls have a mobile app?

No, VRFuckDolls doesn’t have a mobile app. That’s pretty disappointing considering it’s supposed to be an online dating site. It makes the whole experience less convenient and accessible for people on-the-go.

2. How can I contact VRFuckDolls?

You can contact VRFuckDolls, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s an online dating site that is more focused on virtual sex than finding a real connection. In my opinion, you’re better off trying other sites for actual relationships.

3. What are VRFuckDolls alternatives?

VRFuckDolls isn’t the best option out there for online dating. There are plenty of other sites that offer more reliable services and better safety features. I’d suggest looking into some of the bigger, well-known names in online dating instead – they’re much safer than VRFuckDolls!

4. How to cancel subscription on VRFuckDolls?

It’s pretty easy to cancel your subscription on VRFuckDolls. All you have to do is go into the settings and click ‘cancel’. But honestly, I wouldn’t bother with this site – it’s not worth the money or time. Save yourself some trouble and find a better dating service!

Mark Manson

Mark Manson is an online dating expert and prolific writer, known for his reviews of popular dating sites and apps. He has a passion for helping people find the perfect match through the power of technology. Born in San Francisco, California, Mark was always passionate about relationships from a young age. His parents encouraged him to pursue this interest by enrolling him in various courses on interpersonal communication throughout high school and college. After graduating with honors from Stanford University with degrees in Psychology & Sociology, he decided to use his knowledge to help others navigate their way through the world of modern romance. He started writing reviews about different types of online dating services as well as offering advice on how best to make meaningful connections over digital platforms like social media or messaging apps such as Tinder or Bumble – all while staying safe! In addition, he also provides guidance around topics related to mental health issues that can arise when navigating these new technologies; including cyberbullying prevention tips & strategies against catfishing scams . As one would expect from someone who knows so much about human behavior - especially when it comes love-related matters - Mark’s insights are invaluable resources for anyone looking into finding true companionship via virtual means today!

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